High frequency remelting furnace (HFR)

The High-frequency remelting (HFR) and spin-casting machine allows the rapid production of laboratory alloys by induction melting under argon protective atmosphere. The turbulent flow from the induction provides an excellent mixing of the melt and the closed melting chamber prevents oxidation. The subsequent (optional) centrifugal spin-casting into a copper mould supports also the homogenization [...]

Tammann furnace

The tammann furnace is an electric resistance tube furnace from the manufacturer Ruhrstrat GmbH (Ruhrstrat HRTK 32 Sond.) with a maximum operating temperature of 1700°C.  With the experimental set-up of the tammann-type furnace it’s possible to investigate a huge variety of steel systems. Since change in atmosphere and alloying in any order is feasible, [...]

Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyser

In the well-defined gas and temperature conditions of the pressure thermogravimetric analyser the weight changes of the samples can be measured. The testing programs are performed automatically recording gas-flows, temperatures, pressure and the weight of the sample.Principles of the pressure thermogravimetric analyser:temperatures in the apparatus can be adjusted between 25 and 1100 °Cmaximum pressure is 40 bar [...]

Plasmette – a Laboratory reactor for Hydrogen Plasma Smelting Reduction

The production of iron using hydrogen as a reducing agent is an alternative to conventional iron- and steel-making processes, with an associated decrease in CO2emissions. Hydrogen plasma smelting reduction (HPSR) of iron ore is the process of using hydrogen thermal plasma to reduce iron oxides. A laboratory-scale hydrogen plasma facility, which is called ‘Plasmette’, [...]

Desktop AvaSpec-3648 3-channel spectrometer (DAS)

Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the ultraviolet, visible, near - infrared and infrared wavelength ranges which consists of entrance slit, collimator, grating, focusing optics and detector. The application of spectroscopic measurements at the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy is to monitor the emission of plasma arc from the hydrogen plasma [...]

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