Fluidized Bed Cold Testing Model

Fluidized Bed Cold Testing Model

The fluidized bed cold testing model is used to identify the flow regimes and also measure the entrainment of different materials and operating conditions. Materials can be charged continuously with a screw feeder. The dimensions of the apparatus are equal to the fluidized bed reactor at the chair of ferrous metallurgy. Therefore, materials can be tested concerning their fluidization behaviour using dimensionless numbers to set the appropriate conditions. Furthermore, entrained solids can be recycled via a cyclone and dipleg. Absolute pressures and pressure drops can be measured and recorded at various points of the apparatus, cyclones and pipes.

Principles of the fluidized bed reactor:

  • due to the inner diameter of 160 mm, a sample mass up to 5000 g can be used during batch operation (equal to the fluidized bed reactor of the chair of ferrous metallurgy)
  • ambient temperature and a maximum pressure of 0,3 bar gauge
  • either air from a roots compressor or nitrogen can be used as fluidizing gas; maximum flows depend on the maximum permissible pressure


Lukas Demmerer

Technical Department - Reduction Processes