High temperature laser scanning microscope (HT-LSCM)

High temperature laser scanning microscope (HT-LSCM)

The HT-LSCM is used to observe surfaces of samples at temperatures up to 1750 ° C. The infrared furnace enables heating rates of several 100 k/sec, the frame rate of 30 frames per second. even enables the observation of dynamic processes at different temperatures or heating rates. Solidification, formation and solution of NMI, phase transformations, oxidation- and reduction processes can be observed, recorded and analysed.

Principles and advantages of HT-LSCM:

  • Due to the construction as a confocal microscope the resolution in z-axis lies in the range of submicrometers and it is possible to create 3D-pictures for surface analysis.
  • The LASER with a wavelength of 408 nm enables good lateral resolution.
  • The high framerate of up to 30 pictures per second enables recording of fast processes.
  • The small volume of sample holder and sample in connection with the infrared furnace offers heating rates of up to several 100 K/sec.
  • Defined furnace atmosphere or vacuum.


Nora Fuchs

PhD-candidate - High Temperature Confocal Microscopy
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