Creating metals.

Creating values.

Have you used your smartphone today, or drove your car or cooked something? Then a happy welcome to the world of metallurgy, because nothing in our modern society works without metal-based materials!

You can find metals in all the fields of your day-to-day life. The study programme metallurgy is therefore a very versatile and substantial one: the main areas are the production, the treatment and the development of metal-based materials. Aside from the process chain from the natural resources to the product metallurgist of the Montanuniveristy Leoben also need to take the aspects of profitability, the materials engineering as well as sustainability and environmental protection into account.

What requirements should I fulfill?

You can say that metallurgists sparkle with creativity. They design new products and find innovative solutions to shape production processes environmentally friendly as well as profitable. Additionally a fascination for technology and natural sciences – especially mathematics and chemistry – and joyfulness about analytical thinking and interdisciplinary thinking are important too.

The most important quality a future metallurgist should bring along is curiosity and enthusiasm to learn new things and use the acquired competences in a practical way.

What can I expect during my studies?

During the bachelors programme you will learn about the basics in natural sciences, which are very important for engineers, as well as the basics in metallurgy. Aside from the different procedures to produce different metals, a core point of your studies will be the most important theories, methods and processes of metallurgy.

Very important is the interdisciplinary exchange with your colleagues and the other study programmes we offer in Leoben. Therefore, you have the opportunity to not only learn something about your field but also gain experience in other fields of engineering.

The study programme of metallurgy is accompanied by a compulsory internship in the metallurgical industry, which you can complete in different partner companies in your home country or abroad.

To finalize the bachelor programme you have to write your own, scientific thesis to proof your ability to work in an academic way.

What can I expect after my studies?

The professional activity varies from developing new methods, materials and products to the planning of manufacturing facilities or economically and energetically optimize processes. Alumni of Leobner can be found internationally in management positions or in the fields of research and development. The study programme of metallurgy is the only one in Austria and therefore, metallurgists from Leoben are sought after and have extensive possibilities for their future careers. In the info box on the right side you can find the link to our YouTube channel, there you can watch thrilling videos from alumni of metallurgy in Leoben. They will tell you something about themselves, their current position, and some memories from their studies in our series „Faces of metallurgy”.


Specific features

A specific feature of the study programme of metallurgy is that in 2023 we reached a very good placement in the Shanghai Ranking. This ranking compares international universities and our study programme made the spectacular 2nd place in European Union (EU) and the 21th place worldwide in the discipline of “Metallurgical Engineering”.