The general term metallurgy covers the production, the treatment and the development of metal-based materials and their properties. The development of humankind is close-knit with the progress in the metallurgical field – typical metals give the eras of the past their names: the Copper Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age are the best examples. The production and usage of metal-based tools has engaged humankind for many hundreds of years. Metallic materials still play a major role in our day-to-day life.

Nowadays the spectrum of metallurgy is spread even more. Aside from the production of typical metal-based materials like steel, aluminium and copper, the scientific field also goes as far as the production of articles of daily use. From the fork to the car, everything is covered. The daily contact with the world of metals starts with the shave in the morning, the pressing of an elevator button to the vibration of your phone.