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Main Excursion

The Department of Metallurgy attaches, due to its global focus, major importance to international education and practical experience. Within the long tradition of main excursions our students are being given the chance to visit international plants and universities as well as tour foreign countries and meet new cultures and societies. The »Main Excursion Steelmetallurgy« towards the end of Metallurgy’s Master Curriculum shall give an up to date overview of the state of the art within steel industry and certain economic and site-specific peculiarities.

In addition to industrial enterprises universities and research facilities will be visited as well, and as a consequence quite interesting comparisons of focus, core areas and range can be drawn. Times between plant and university visits will traditionally be spent with cultural and social events. Educational journeys, such as our main excursions, where students will be accompanied by professors and assistants, are always quite formative social experiences, which tend to remain unforgettable ones.

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