Main Excursion 2016: Germany and Austria

Main Excursion 2016: Germany and Austria

After the field trip to China and South Korea in 2015, it was decided to visit the steel industry in Austria and Bavaria (Germany) in September 2016. The group consisted of 8 students, 2 professors, two technicians and 7 PhD students.

The first plant visit was made at the worldwide known Eisenwerke Sulzau-Werfen, where every participant got to know how working rolls for the steel industry are produced. On the same day in the afternoon the team thankfully received the possibility to visit the steel plant Annahütte with the production of screw threads and rebar connection tools. At Annahütte the attendants also took a view of the factory-own museum with lots of historic construction drawings e.g. from Siemens-Martin furnaces.

A cultural highlight during this trip was a free afternoon in Munich with some visits of the historical center, the Hofbräuhaus and the Oktoberfest.

The visit of Lechstahlwerke gave the group the possibility to become acquainted with the 100% recyclability of steel and all questions about electric arc furnaces were answered. However, also the visits at BMW Landshut and Dingolfing surpassed all expectations.

Back to Austria the group visited in this excursion the voestalpine Linz followed by Primetals Technology, Ebner Industrieofenbau and INTECO in Bruck.

A special thanks to all who made such an excursion possible, including organization, sponsoring and the involved people of the companies. Without the financial aid from the sponsors: Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH, ESW Eisenwerke Sulzau-Werfen, voestalpine Edelstahl, Lech-Stahlwerke, Stahlwerke Annahütte, INTECO melting and casting Technologies, Stadt Leoben, Primetals Technologies and Treibacher Industrie AG such an excursion isn’t possible.

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