The FE-SEM produces ultra-high resolution images of conductive samples. The microscope is mainly used for topographical evaluation and chemical manual and automated inclusion analysis in Fe-alloys. The JEOL 7200F has an in-lens shottky field emitting cathode (1-30kV) and is assemled with various state of the art detectors. Due to the high optical/chemical resolution and [...]

SEM FEI Quanta 200Mk2

The SEM produces high resolution images of conductive and non conductive samples. The microscope is mainly used for manual topographical and chemical analysis of Fe-alloys, ores, dusts and slags. The Quanta 200 Mk2 has a high performance thermal emission SEM column (W) and is assembled with various detectors. A special feature of this microscope [...]

Metallographic Preparation Laboratory

The metallographic preparation laboratory of the institute is equipped with typical used machines needed for metallographic sample preparation. The laboratory contains a precision wet abrasive cut-off machine, a semi automated and an automated embedding machines. For micrograph preparation at least five different grinding and polishing devices can be used. Grinding operations of 1200, 600, [...]

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