SEM FEI Quanta 200Mk2

SEM FEI Quanta 200Mk2

The SEM produces high resolution images of conductive and non conductive samples. The microscope is mainly used for manual topographical and chemical analysis of Fe-alloys, ores, dusts and slags. The Quanta 200 Mk2 has a high performance thermal emission SEM column (W) and is assembled with various detectors. A special feature of this microscope is a variable observation mode – non conductive samples can be analysed in low vacuum mode without previous sputtering.

Principles and advantages of HT-LSCM:

  • Detectors: LED, BED, LFD, EDS (10mm²)
  • ESE mode
  • High/low vacuum mode


Bernd Lederhaas

Metallographic Department
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