PMP Research Fields

Modelling of the LD-process

The basic development of a thermodynamic and kinetic model of the converter steelmaking was completed by the predecessor Mag.Dr.mont. Y. Lytvynyuk in Phase I and II of the K1-Met. The first test calculations with the model showed qualitatively fair results considering the time trend for the bath temperature as well as concentration of elements [...]

Kinetics of lime and magnesium oxide dissolution in converter slag

Kinetics of lime dissolution in model and industrial steelmaking slags has been investigated. Samples of lime in a cylinder shape of predetermined size were immersed for a fixed time in the molten slag at temperatures between 1400 – 1600°?. Considering the experimental data derived: mass of dissolved calcium oxide, linear dimensions of calcium oxide samples [...]

Characterization of coke and char

Coke is the major fuel as well as the costliest raw material of the Blast Furnace (BF) ironmaking process. It is not only the major reductant of the process, but it also provides strength to the burden under BF conditions. Total cost of coke is around 60% of the hot metal production and 1/3rd of [...]

Reduction of lumpy burden

Within this research field, a broad variety of either industrial scale processed or lab scale produced lump ferrous burden materials can be investigated. The description of a material’s ability regarding oxygen release and mechanical performance during reduction can be investigated either at standardized testing conditions as well as more sophisticated industrial scale processes conditions concerning [...]

Effect of alkaline elements on ironmaking process

Alkalis like potassium and sodium are known as harmful elements with effect on burden and coke disintegration, destruction of the refractory material and the creation of scaffolds. Because of the higher input rates caused by low quality iron ore and fuels, the aim was focused on the effect of K & Na during the iron [...]

Fine-ore reduction in fluidized bed reactor & micro agglomeration

A fluidized bed reactor in a smelting reduction process represents a high sophisticated technology which enables operators to adapt to different requirements. It is possible to reduce fine iron ores without the energy-intensive process of sintering. The aim of this study is to determine the of ultra fine iron ore (< 63 µm) on a circulating fluidized [...]

Fine-ore reduction in fluidized bed reactor

The reduction of iron ore fines by means of the fluidized bed technology has become an alternative route in the field of ironmaking. To investigate the reduction behavior of these ores and to improve fluidized bed processes, a lab scale fluidized bed facility has been installed. With this equipment, the process behavior of iron ores [...]

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