Analytics Technique

Desktop AvaSpec-3648 3-channel spectrometer (DAS)

Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the ultraviolet, visible, near - infrared and infrared wavelength ranges which consists of entrance slit, collimator, grating, focusing optics and detector. The application of spectroscopic measurements at the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy is to monitor the emission of plasma arc from the hydrogen plasma [...]

Spectromaxx – Optical Emission Spectrometer

The “Spectromaxx” optical emission spectrometer is used for the analysis of Fe-, Al- and Cu-based alloys, covering 20 methods, 45 elements and different adapters for various sample geometries. The spectrometer determines all important elements used in the metal industry, including carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur, allowing precise analysis with ease of use and maintenance. [...]

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