Development of novel process strategies for thin slab casting and direct rolling (TSDR)

The production capacity of installed TSDR plants worldwide amounts today to significantly more than 100 Mio. tons/a. Among these technologies, the endless strip production routes show the highest potential with respect to unique homogeneity in the mechanical properties along the entire strip length, better geometrical quality and flatness of the strip, the lowest thicknesses at the full width range, and the highest accuracy in temperature profile and microstructure control.

Nevertheless, not all alloying concepts may directly be transferred from the conventional production route to the TSDR process. Reasons are for example the special demands of high speed thin slab casting or the precise adjustment of microstructure at the runout table of TSDR plants. Key competence of our group is the evaluation of alloying concepts with focus on their casting characteristics and the development of microstructure.

Within ongoing projects, we work on the development of AHSS concepts for TSDR technologies as well as the adaption of ladle treatment and special tundish solutions for the production of ULC steel grades.

Latest publication: ICASP 2019 (