Within the “AKTION CZ-AT” project, a part of our continuous casting working group visited the Technical University of Ostrava in early May. Beside a guided tour of the technical laboratories of the metallurgical department, our team had the chance to visit the steel plant of “Liberty Ostrava a.s.”. In the exchange program, we gave for lectures on current research at the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy:

  • Christian Bernhard: Smart quality prediction systems for continuous casting of steel
  • Michael Bernhard and Peter Presoly: Application of advanced thermal analysis techniques in the field of continuous casting – Experimental and computational approaches for the development of thermodynamic databases of steel
  • Maximilian Kern: Application of High-Temperature Laser Confocal Microscopy for in-situ investigation of phase transformation and grain growth in steel
  • Georg Gaiser: High temperature oxidation of steel under air and H2O steam conditions – Experimental and kinetic principles

We would like to thank Prof. Marketa Tkadleckova and Prof. Bedrich Smetana for the kind hospitality and the interesting discussions in the field of thermal analysis techniques and physico-chemical properties pf advanced steel grades. We are looking forward to your visit to Leoben!