Last week the grand opening of the analytical scanning transmission electron microscope was celebrated at the institute for non-ferrous metallurgy.
With the generous support of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency the project with a project size of 1.8 Mio. € was funded with 85%. With this support, the institute could buy the microscope and the necessary infrastructure was developed.
With this new microscope, the Montanuniversität can research and develop new materials through the characterisation of materials. The new microscope can not only generate a high-definition analysis of the chemical composition but also show a 3D-Model of the microstructure-elements.
Therefore, the interaction between the crystallographic defects (grain boundaries, phase interfaces, precipitation, dislocation and so forth) with chemical elements in the material can be researched far better than before.
The Department wishes Assoz. Prof. Dr. Stefan Pogatscher all the best for his future research and a lot of success.