Excursion to voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz

On January 31st a group of 29 students of the metallurgy, mechanical engineering and materials engineering department visited the voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz. The trip started with a warm welcome by DI Dr. Peter Reisinger and DI Christian Fürst who both gave an interesting overview of the various fields of competences and the development of steel making processes. Afterwards the group visited the steel mill including BOF, secondary metallurgy and continuous casting machines. A round trip through special parts of the steel plant, like coking plant, blast furnace, raw materials warehouse and operating port perfectly showed the dimension of the steel plant in Linz, followed by a delicious lunch in the cafeteria. The afternoon tour started with an interesting overview regarding special products and processing steps given by DI Klemens Mraczek. As the rest of the day was dedicated to materials engineering as well as analytics, the group visited the development-center steel. There the students received a deep insight into forming technology, observing the hot- and the cold-rolling simulator. Finally, DI Andreas Schönauer showed us the automated sample preparation, various types of material testing as well as material analysis with a huge number of different methods.

Special thanks to DI Dr. Peter Reisinger, DI Christian Fürst, DI Klemens Mraczek, DI Andreas Schönauer and all their colleagues for making the day in Linz that interesting and attractive for all participants!

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