Casting Laboratory

In Situ Material Characterisation – Bending (IMC-B) Test

The In-Situ Material Characterisation – Bending (IMC-B) Test is a method for the investigation of the susceptibility to surface crack formation under continuous casting conditions. It is possible to investigate significant influencing factors and casting parameters, e.g. different cooling strategies and casting speeds. It allows the characterisation of critical strains values for the formation [...]

Submerged-Split-Chill-Tensile (SSCT) machine

The Submerged-Split-Chill-Tensile (SSCT) machine was originally developed at EPF Lausanne in 1985 and is used for in-situ characterization of strength and hot tearing sensitivity of steel during solidification. An additional in-house simulation software enables the coupled numerical calculation of solidification progress and hot tearing formation in the experiment. Principles and advantages of SSCT-machine: The [...]

Nozzle Measuring Stand

Increasing requirements on the properties of steel are challenging steel plant operators.  Controlled cooling, as a part of most metallurgical processes, takes an important role in fulfilling these requirements. Optimal cooling strategies help to adjust mechanical properties and to minimize the formation or promotion of surface defects. But not only the steel quality is improved; [...]

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