Induction-Furnace 20 kg

Induction-Furnace 20 kg

The Induction-Furnace 20 kg is used for the castings of small ingots, specific experiments related to continuous casting (IMC-B and SSCT Test) and steel/slag experiments. The raw materials consist of pure iron or remelted steels. Analytical measurements of the current composition allow the adjustment of the alloying element contents very accurate. Thus it is able to produce numerous steel grades or to vary the content of significant alloying elements.

Technical Specifications:

  • max. temperature melt: 1650°C
  • lining: 98% MgO
  • max. capacity: 20 kg
  • ingot size: 2 kg, 5 kg, 14 kg
  • casting process: tilting of crucible


Anton Reitbauer

Technical Department - Melting, Casting
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