Born 1907 in Königshof (now Czech Republic).

1926-1931 Studies of two semesters of physics at the University of Technology Muenchen (TH München) and studies of metallurgy at the Montanistic University Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule Leoben).

1933 Promotion to Dr. mont. at the Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben).

1933-1940 Relevant professional experience as steelworks assistant (Stahlwerksassistent) at Dillinger Hütte (Saarland) and at Gutehoffnungshütte in Oberhausen.

1940-1944 Head of steelwork (Stahlwerkschef) in Hagendingen (Lothringen).

1944-1945 Head (Stahlwerkschef) of “Reichswerke” in Salzgitter-Watenstedt.

1946-1948 Head of steelwork (Stahlwerkschef) in Linz (VÖEST AG).

1947 Appointment to director of the metallurgical plant.

1958 Promotion to full professorship for ferrous metallurgy and chairman of the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy at the Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben).

1958-1967 Managing director of “Eisenhütte Österreich”, then their chairman until 1978.

1962-1964 Rector of the Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben).

1972 Corresponding and 1973 full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften).

1977 Emeritus status.

1978 Awarding of the Peter-Tunner Medal (Peter-Tunner-Medaille) by “Eisenhütte Österreich”.

Died 1992 in Leoben.

Field of activity

Dissertation “Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Graphitausbildung im Gußeisen, ihrer Vererbung und deren Ursachen” (1933).

As head respectively director of the steelwork in Linz:

  • Decisive collaboration on the large scale development of the oxygen top-blowing process (LD) until its production maturity; 1952 commissioning of the first to be in the world LD steel plant in Linz.
  • Fundamental work on blowing of high-phosphorous raw iron in the LD converter.
  • Development of burner heads of pivotal 200-t-Siemens-Martin furnaces.

In cooperation with Wilfried Krieger publisher of five volumes of Gmelin-Durrer Meallurgie des Eisens:

  • Volume 5: Theorie der Stahlerzeugung 1. Begriff Stahl und Möglichkeiten der Stahlerzeugung; Theoretische Grundlagen (1978).
  • Volume 6: Theorie der Stahlerzeugung 2. Kinetische Grundlagen der Stahlerzeugung; Entstehung und Verhalten der nichtmetallischen Phasen im Eisenbad; Grundlagen der Erstarrung von Stahlschmelzen (1978).
  • Volume 7: Practice of Steelmaking 1. Charge Materials and Additives; Sampling and Temperature Measurement; Unfired Processes (1984).
  • Volume 8: Practice of Steelmaking 2. The Open Hearth Process; The Electric Arc Furnace Process; Induction Furnace Melting; New Electric Steelmaking Processes; Continuous Steelmaking (1985).
  • Volume 9: Practice of Steelmaking 3. treatment of Molten Steel Outside the Melting Unit; Remelting Processes; Automatic Control of Steelmaking Processes (1988).

Principal interests of the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy:

  • Viscosity behavior and structures of metals and metal alloys.
  • Oxidation processes, scale behavior and scale adhesion of steel.
  • Decarburisation and phase boundary reaction gas/scale/metal.
  • Hot formability of steels and alloys.

Metallurgical labeling of siderite.