Richard WALZEL


Born 1895 in Neunkirchen (Lower Austria).

1913-1920 Studies of metallurgy at the Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben) (1915-1918 discontinued due to military service).

1920 Admittance to the metallurgical plant Donawitz of the Österreichisch-Alpine Montangesellschaft (ÖAMG).

1926 Head and organizer of the „Stahlversuchsabteilung“.

1929 Promotion to Dr. mont. at the University in Leoben.

1933 Promotion to full professorship for ferrous metallurgy and executive board of the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy at the Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben).

1936-1937 Dean of the department of the Technical and Montanistic University Graz-Leoben in Leoben (Technische und Montanistische Hochschule Graz-Leoben).

1937-1938 Rector of the once again independent Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben).

1938 Military service (invasion of Poland), then exemption for the University in Leoben and for scientific consultation of the ÖAMG.

1950 Collaboration at the reestablishment of the „Eisenhütte Österreich“.

1954 Visiting professor at the University Manchester.

1957 Emeritus status; still consultant for certification bodies.

Died 1977 in Leoben.

Field of activity

As head of the steel testing department in charge of development tasks, e.g.:

  • Quality control of the electric arc furnace which was put into operation in 1928, mainly development, inspection and practical testing of the electric mangan-steel rail (approx. 1,8% Mn) until its authorization.
  • Operations to improve mechanical values of many structural steels; dissertation „Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Abhängigkeit einiger Stahleigenschaften von der Höhe des Roheisensatzes“ (1931).

At the Montanistic University continuing of the development of wear-resistant rails in collaboration with Donawitz. Reports about fundamental results at the Internationalen Schienentagungen 1935 and 1938 (e.g. core components of electric steel with 2% and 12% Mn; electrical butt-welding).

Consultant of the Brassert Oxygen Technik AG (Zuerich) in the early days of the LD process.