Born 1888 in Troppau (former Austria-Silesia).

1910-1915 Studies of ferrous metallurgy at the mining academy in Freiberg in Saxony.

1915-1916 Relevant professional experience as steelworks assistant (Stahlwerksassistent).

1916-1919 Private assistant to Professor Paul Oberhoffer (Breslau respectively Aachen).

1919 Promotion to Dr.-Ing. at the University of Technology Aachen (TH Aachen).

1920 Full-time lectureship at the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy (Eisenhüttenmännisches Institut) at the University of Technology Aachen (TH Aachen).

1921 Promotion to full professorship for ferrous metallurgy at the Montanistic University in Leoben (Montanistische Hochschule in Leoben).

1925 Foundation of the „Technisch-wissenschaftlichen Vereins Eisenhütte Österreich“ under considerable contribution of v. Keil-Eichenthurns.

Died 1932 in Graz.

Field of activity

Under the motivation of Oberhoffer dissertation about deoxidation within the Thomas process.

Modernization and development of the laboratories at the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy  in Leoben (induction furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, metallographic equipment etc.).

Heat balances and analysis of the influence of different slag controls in the electric arc furnace.

Cast iron as multi component alloy

  • Melting of high quality cast iron based on alloying techniques.
  • Explanation and constitution of stable and metastable coagulation of cast iron.
  • Inheritance of material properties.
  • Wall thickness sensitivity.
  • Influence of silicium on the iron-carbonate-phosphor system; influences on the graphite structure in cast iron (e.g. phosphorus content, non-metallic nucleus). Adaption by Roland Mitsche as well as Alois Legat, Hubert Pessl and Herbert Trenkler in their particular dissertation (1929 respectively 1933).