On 06 October, the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy welcomed the first semester students of Metallurgy!

Prof. Schenk and Prof. Bernhard welcomed our “Schwammerl” on behalf of the Department of Metallurgy, gave an overview of the structure of metallurgy in Leoben, as well as some tips for a successful study.
Afterwards, the student representatives and the ASMET student section introduced themselves and presented further tips, experiences and offers.

All first-semester students still have the opportunity to register for the mentoring programme: The Mentoring Programme is a voluntary programme and is offered by the Department of Metallurgy. First-semester students can choose a mentor (professor of metallurgy) or have one assigned to them by lot. You meet with this mentor for a pleasant conversation and chat about your studies, get tips or discuss current research topics. We recommend participation in this voluntary, free programme.
Registration form: in your e-mails, alternatively send an e-mail to stv-m@oeh.unileoben.ac.at.