On the 9th of January 2020, students from the senior class of the HTL Leoben visited the chair for ferrous metallurgy. After a quick lunch, there was an extensive agenda.

First, some of our PHD candidates introduced the topics of our chair and gave insight about the future of the metallurgical industry. The core areas of the research done at the chair was introduced as well. This way the students got more information about the development of CO2 reduced steel production as well as research in the area of slab casting and about the possibility to control nonmetallic inclusions in steel.

Afterwards we separated the students into three small groups to visit the technical labs of the chair. First, they had the chance to witness experiments in our smelting lab, and then we showed them our High-temperature Laserscannning confocal microscope. Finally, each group visited our scanning electron microscope.

During their time at our chair, the students were very interested and had many questions about the study program in general, as well as questions about the research at the university.

We hope the students enjoyed their afternoon at our university and we wish them all the best for their upcoming examinations!