The 9th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes in Steelmaking (STEELSIM 2021) will offer a great opportunity for the experts in the field of numerical modelling and simulation, from both academic research area and ironmaking/steelmaking industry, to share their knowledge and new scientific/technical achievements, and to discuss the common challenges and potential pathways for future developments.

The scope of this conference covers all aspects related to new developments in modelling and simulation of metallurgical processes of steelmaking and ironmaking. The topics include (not limited) the modelling and simulation of:

  • liquid metals, flow mechanics;
  • ironmaking and blast furnace;
  • primary and secondary metallurgy of steelmaking;
  • refining of alloy steels;
  • solidification and castings (ingot and continuous casting);
  • processing of special steels (ESR, VAR, etc.);
  • electrochemistry in metals and slags;
  • electromagnetic processing in metallurgy;
  • application of refractories;
  • control of product defects (macrosegregation, nonmetallic inclusions, porosity, cracks, ect.);
  • thermodynamics and phase transformation;
  • metal forming, rolling and thermo-mechanics;
  • microstructure and steel properties;
  • machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence.