We cordially invite you to the lecture “Industry 4.0 at RHI Magnesita & contributions by a metallurgist” by Dr. Gregor Arth.

When? 05/27/2021, 5:00 p.m.
Where? WebEx
No registration is required!

At the start of the presentation, the company RHI Magnesita will be introduced. Furthermore, the topic Industry 4.0 will be addressed, both at RHI and in general. Subsequently, it will be shown what contribution metallurgists can make today.

Dr. Gregor Arth is currently Tecnical Excellence & Solutions 4.0 EUCIST at RHI Magnesita.


  • Product implementation of our 4.0 solutions at customer sites, such as:
    • Non-contact online temperature measurement of objects >1000°C.
    • Automated customer process optimization using artificial intelligence
    • Surface wear measurement of objects >1000°C
    • Technical support for these products and for the customer process
  • Internal project handling, e.g:
    • Artificial intelligence in the manufacturing process of refractory products.
    • Online wear measurements in customer aggregate.


  • Studies in metallurgy 2001-2009 at the University of Leoben.
  • Doctoral studies in metallurgy 2009-2013 at the University of Leoben
  • Start RHI Magnesita 2015


We are looking forward to your participation!

For further inquiries or a personal invitation via email (WebEx calendar entry) please contact Elenor Schwarz: elenor.schwarz@unileoben.ac.at