The Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy and K1-MET GmbH cordially invite you to the lecture “Steel of the Future”!

The station “Steel of the Future”, presented by the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy and the metallurgical competence centre K1-MET GmbH, shows how steel production is climate-friendly and sustainable. The focus will be on low-CO2 production, mobility and metallic materials. The expert lecture will be supported by video clips for illustration.

Steel is an irreplaceable material. Everyday applications, for example a car, could not be built without steel. The station shows the production and use of steel with a special focus on climate protection. Steel producers are intensively researching processes to produce steel from iron ore, for example from the Styrian Erzberg, in a climate-friendly and sustainable way using hydrogen. Pig iron, the preliminary product for steel, has so far mainly been extracted from iron ore in blast furnaces. This requires the use of carbon, which is converted into climate-damaging CO2 during the process. Other processes can produce steel with a fraction of CO2. Recycling, i.e. reusing steel (scrap) is necessary to save natural raw materials and protect the environment. For the use of steel in mobility, the quality must be matched to the material requirements. The microscopic view of the materials (= metallography) is another important part of this station and will show which examinations are used in the field of metallurgical research to evaluate the quality of steel.

We look forward to welcoming all visitors! Catering will be provided.

4 – 11 p.m.

Visitor information

  • Topic: Technology
  • Keywords: Mobility and production
  • Age group: 14+ years
  • Target group: Barrier-free, experts, families with children, groups, young people and teachers & pupils
  • Average duration of visit: 45 minutes
  • Maximum capacity of the station: 20 people
  • How to get there: Meeting point and counting card issue for all stations of the University of Leoben: Erzherzog-Johann-Trakt near Ignaz-Buchmüller-Platz (roundabout near the Protestant Church)
  • This exhibition location is barrier-free accessible and has barrier-free toilets.
  • #LNF22 Lange Nacht der Forschung 2022
  • K1-Met Metallurgisches Kompetenzzentrum