Measurement of diffusion and acitivity coefficients in slags
Strategies for optimizing process parameters of hydrogen plasma smelting reduction plants
The influence of prior-oxidation on the reducibility and fluidization performance of magnetite iron ore
Investigations on selected influences of the hydrogen-based reduction of iron ore concentrates in a fluidized bed
Development of an optimized processing route for Direct Reduced Iron with varying composition
Development of advance methods for recycling metallurgical waste
Application of high-temperature experiments for the validation and the further development of microsegregation calculations for advanced steel grades
Ermittlung der Grundlagen für die Skalierung von Plasma-Schmelzreduktionsreaktoren für die Eisenherstellung
BOF Cold Model –Mixing time study at multiphase conditions
Charakterisierung komplexer nichtmetallischer Einschlüsse bis in den submikroskopischen Bereich
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