Why Metallurgy?

Reason 8: Metallurgy in Leoben is – the chance to be part of thrilling research projects

The study program of metallurgy in Leoben is unique in Austria and has a very good reputation. Due to this reason industry partners come to the university with their research projects. This gives our students the chance to closely take part in the research process, write theses about the topic and work as student workers [...]

Reason 7: Metallurgy in Leoben is – a chance to be part of a Mentoring Program – optional support from professors in the beginning of your studies

In Leoben, we have an excellent proportion between professors and students and we want our students to profit from this fact. Especially the first years should benefit from this and therefore we have launched the mentoring program. In this voluntary program students can meet in a comfortable atmosphere with professors and get some tips for [...]

Reason 6: Metallurgy is – the possibility to study at international partner universities

You always wanted to study a semester abroad? Whether you want to spend a semester in exotic destinations like Brazil or Australia or rather at a European university, you have a great variety of opportunities in Leoben. Aside from a thrilling time in a foreign country can broaden your horizon and make some unforgettable memories.

Reason 5: Metallurgy in Leoben is – supported by numerous industry partners

You want to have some insight in the industry during your studies and have the opportunity to get exciting internships with thrilling industry partners? Then you are at the right place with us because we have many different industry partners who are all different from each other. Who are our industry partners? Just take a [...]

Reason 4: Metallurgy in Leoben is – working with innovative metallic materials

Have you ever thought about how many metals are in the periodic table of elements? And which specific properties they all have? Now think about the possibilities there are to combine these metals into metallic materials! You clearly see, that the world of metallurgy is huge and there still is a lot of potential and [...]

Reason 3: Metallurgy in Leoben is – a surety for great professional prospects

In Austria you only can study metallurgy in Leoben, therefore our alumni are very sought-after. Metallurgists are needed in each field of the metallurgical industry and have a broad spectrum of jobs.  Moreover, it is a fact that our modern world cannot function without metallic materials. There would not be telecommunication, a building industry, or [...]

Reason 2: Metallurgy in Leoben is – a sociable campus life in Leoben with a great community

The city of Leoben has a charming flair and directly in the city center there is the university campus. The students in Leoben know each other and a well working community is very important. The students and the alumni have an active interchange and everybody helps everyone. The students learn together and support each other [...]

Reason 1: Metallurgy in Leoben is – an excellent education on the highest level

In 2023 the Montanuniversity Leoben was rated by the international Shanghai Ranking, which rates international universities, and placed 21th internationally in “Metallurgical Engineering”. In the European Union (EU), the university excellently placed 2nd. This honor is a confirmation that our education and research in metallurgy in Leoben are amongst the best in the world. You want [...]

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