Study Program

Doctoral Study

The doctoral study program at the Montanuniversity Leoben has the aim to develop the ability to work independently in a scientific way in the field of the montanistic sciences.The candidates should advance the best available technology in their field as well as the scientific method. The idea is to aim for an integrated and interdisciplinary [...]

Master Study

Creating metals. Creating values. Content of the study programme The objective of the master programme metallurgy is, to convey the specialised knowledge in the field of metallurgy, exceeding the basic requirements. Especially the theoretical-practical knowledge is amplified and extended. In the end of this study programme, all students have to write an independent, scientific [...]

Bachelor Study

Creating metals. Creating values. Have you used your smartphone today, or drove your car or cooked something? Then a happy welcome to the world of metallurgy, because nothing in our modern society works without metal-based materials! You can find metals in all the fields of your day-to-day life. The study programme metallurgy is therefore a [...]

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