steelChallenge is recognised by the global steel community as the preeminent competition to engage students and industry professionals to showcase their ability to make steel with the best quality at the lowest cost.

The Regional Championship will take place 24 November 2021 from 12.00 UTC. Participants will access the competition from the steeluniversity website and will have 24 hours to record successful runs of the chosen steelmaking simulators.

For steelChallenge-16, participants will use a combination of the Electric Arc Furnace and Secondary Steelmaking simulators. They will be asked to refine steel to the proper chemistry and temperature, then cast it.
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Individuals will participate in either the student or industry category and in one of five regions:

  • Americas,
  • Asia – West,
  • Asia – North,
  • Asia – East, and
  • Europe and Africa

Registration and further information at: