The Houska Prize 2022 All Stars, the research prize of the B&C Private Foundation, was awarded at a festive ceremony on 28 April 2022. This year’s special prize was awarded to those research projects that had already been nominated once for the Houska Prize and had achieved the greatest further development since then. Univ. Prof. Dr. Stefan Pogatscher (Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy) received 1st place for his achievements in the field of aluminium hardening kinetics.

The research team around Pogatscher, Professor of Metallurgy of Sustainable Light Metal Alloys at the University of Leoben, has found a way to make aluminium alloys easier to form while maintaining high strength. The scientist already received the Houska Prize for this in 2016. The methods and alloys developed from this have been successfully implemented commercially by the Austrian aluminium group AMAG Austria Metall AG. “The Houska Prize has already had a positive influence on my research career and enabled me to work even more intensively on the topic. The All Stars Special Award is the culmination of my achievements to date and an additional confirmation that I have been able to contribute to the economic success of my corporate partner, AMAG,” said a delighted Pogatscher about the award.
Pogatscher was pleased about the award.

For the first time, there were two first places in the Houska Prize: In addition to Pogatscher, Clemens Zierhofer, professor at the University of Innsbruck, received the B&C Private Foundation Research Prize ex aequo. Both first-place winners receive research or investment vouchers of 150,000€ each.

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